Sabrina Johnson, Art Director

Mentors: Khari Streeter & Ramon De Los Santos
Twitter: @besabrinaj


How I got here:

I hopped on the plane all the way from Thailand, and now I’m here! I came with no idea of Boston but I guess I kind of found my way through it and landed myself here in this awesome place called Hill Holliday.  

How I describe myself:

I am Thai/Swedish but I do not look Thai or Swedish. People in Thailand do not think I look Asian and people here do think so. I am very confused with myself.

How my friends describe me:

My friends would probably say that I am funny and weird. I do weird stuff that makes them laugh most of the time. Not that I intended, it just happens. 

How I get inspired:

Watching a bunch of YouTube videos with a nice cup of tea and flipping through designers' portfolios inspires me. Good music helps too!

How I see my future:

In the future, I see myself as a designer working on fun projects and projects that will inspire the world. There will sure be sleepless nights but I think I'm well prepared for that. I also see myself doing something I am passionate about. In which I think I'll learn and find out along this journey.

How you knew I was an intern my first week:

I have no idea how things work around here. So you might see me looking very confused and doing clumsy stuff.