Raphaela Putz, Art Director

Mentors: Angela Chander, Duda Bosnic, & James Barkley
Email: raphaela.putz@hhcc.com
Portfolio: www.raphaelaputz.com
Twitter: @raphaela_putz

Where I came from:
I spent my pre-college years alternating time between Austria and the USA, and graduated from Northeastern University after co-ops at Hasbro and Zipcar.

Why I do what I do:
"Design is thinking made visual"
-Saul Bass
Design is creatively challenging, technologically innovative, strategically focused, and provides an outlet for my constant curiosity. I’m convinced I would be bored to tears in any other industry.

What I’d be doing if I wasn’t doing what I do:
Following my childhood dream to join a circus. Specifically: Cirque du Soleil (who knows, it could still happen.. I send in my resume every 3 months because that’s how long they keep it on file).

A book title that describes my life:
75% Made of Chocolate

My Tinder bio:
Garfield is my spirit animal."

My favorite tweet:
I’ve never posted a tweet. I just use my twitter to stalk people, which says more about me than any tweet ever could.