Madison Albano

Position: Art Director

Email: Madison.Albano@hhcc.com

Insta: @madalbo

Portfolio: www.madisonalbano.com

Partner: Julia Waicberg

Mentors: Alyssa Fishman & Amanda Roberts

  1. Life ‘til now, in 140 characters or less:
    Graphic Designer with a horseback riding addiction.
  2. Why I’m here:
    I chose to pursue a creative career because I always felt out of place in high school. I never understood how people could get excited about a biology class or a field trip to a history museum. I’ve been an artsy computer nerd ever since I can remember and I knew I needed to chase this passion after I taught myself how to use Final Cut Express Pro on my laptop in high school. SCAD was the perfect place to explore my artistic side and graphic design allows me to express myself creatively no matter where I am. It keeps me busy, entertained and very happy. 
  3. Topics that if brought up, I will talk about endlessly:
    Horses, Ben & Jerry’s, hamsters, food allergies, did I mention horses? 
  4. If I could have a beer with anyone it would be:
    Ellen DeGeneres
  5. Working title for my autobiography:
    Weird Horse Girl
  6. Where’s Waldo?                                                                                Hiding

Last Photo You Took on Your Phone: