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Kenny Gray

Position: Copywriter


Twitter: kennygray3


Partner: Joyce Sha

Mentors: Nate Kerbin & Jacqueline Hull

1. Life ‘til now, in 140 characters or less:

NH(K_12)#Theatre#BandNerd+Boston(NEU*BSBA)+DoMusic(BandDJProducerComposer)*DoComedy(ImprovSketch)*DataAnalysisJobs+BU(MBA/Internship)=Me Now

*this is exactly 140 characters and yes, I took too much time making it happen

2. Why I’m here:

I love to make things, and as such have bounced around a number of creative fields. Music, comedy, theatre, clay animation (ages 11-12), etc... However, I also have an education and experience in business. For a long-time I thought that I had to choose between my right brain artistic passions and left brain commerce centric education. Then someone said “have you considered being a creative in advertising?”. An industry where you get to be both creative and strategic, and solve business initiatives with art? Sold.

It’s a creative endeavor that I’m thrilled to add to the list, right next to putting a popsicle in the oven as a child to “see what would happen”.

3. Topics that if brought up, I will talk about endlessly:

Vintage Analog Polyphonic Synthesizers.  Charring Rice Noodles in a Wok. Alternative Surreal Comedy.

4. If I could have a beer with anyone it would be:

James Murphy or Noel Fielding. It’s a tie, don’t make me choose.

5. Working title for my autobiography:

Trouble taking life seriously: a serious problem.

6. Where’s Waldo?

Actively working with a legal team to sue Flat Stanley for infringing on his fame as a traveling 2D icon.

7. Last Photo You Took on Your Phone: