Karina Zack, Copywriter

Mentors: Khari Streeter & Ramon De Los Santos
Email: karina.zack@hhcc.com
Portfolio: www.karinazack.com
Twitter: @karinanaa321

Where I came from:
I was born in a tiny town called Los Angeles. 18 years later, I made my way to Boston University knowing I wanted to write, and found myself falling into Advertising. I worked my butt off writing anything I could: blog posts, stories, screenplays, poorly-thought-out tweets. I started writing headlines, tag lines, and some better-thought-out tweets, and eventually I wrote an application to Program 35. So here I am, in a little office, right next to the coffee machine.

Why I do what I do:
Simply put: Advertising is a creative mind’s paradise. 
You write five hundred headlines, draft ten thousand spots, and come up with a million ideas to solve a single problem, only to watch with a twitching eye as your CD rips them all apart and asks you to start over. The process sounds downright masochistic, but I love it. 
Plus, there’s usually free beer, so.

What I’d be doing if I wasn’t doing what I do:
In a world without advertising, I’d be sipping a very dry martini next to my four golden retrievers. I’d cry into my glass and wonder aloud to any higher power that would listen, “WHY is there NO CAREER for me to THRIVE in a CREATIVE ENVIRONMENT?!?!” But I’d stifle my erratic speech patterns by reminding myself that I’m the first person to live on Mars and honestly what fanciful and nonexistent career could be better than that?

A movie title that describes my life:

My Tinder bio:
"7 billion people in the world, 14 billion butt cheeks."

My favorite tweet: