Julia Waicberg

Position: Copywriter

Email: julia.waicberg@hhcc.com

Twitter: @juliawaic

Portfolio: www.juliawaicberg.com

Partner: Madison Albano

Mentors: Amanda Roberts & Alyssa Fishman

1. Life ‘til now, in 140 characters or less:

CT to RI to TX to CA to TX to MA. And I even grew a few inches along the way.

2. Why I’m here:

I’ve always loved to write, but to me, having the ability to influence culture is the coolest part about advertising. I think it’s awesome that so many brands today create movements with their messages and choose to take stances on current events. Advertising has a unique, two-fold power in the sense that it can spread positive messages in an engaging way. I want to become a creative because not only will it be a fun career but a fulfilling one. I'm excited to be part of a bigger movement that can unite our society and encourage us all to do a little better. 

3. Topics that if brought up, I will talk about endlessly:

90's pop music, how Schoolhouse Rock was created, Olivia Gatwood, and that time my team won our summer camp Olympics. 

4. If I could have a beer with anyone it would be:

My mom when she was my age.

5. Working title for my autobiography:

Look, She Fell Again. 

6. Where’s Waldo?

Somewhere in that book. 

7. Last Photo You Took on Your Phone: