Spend the weekend here. Create inside jokes. Show everybody you now have inside jokes via your next blog post.

Look, here we are.

A weekend full of way too much bonding.

And for Joyce-- too many chicken nuggets.

But she doesn't want that to be public information. 


It's fine. I admit I fell asleep on the floor for 20 minutes.

Sorry, guys.

All while Kenny was Googling "how to make things go viral."

I think it helped.

Meanwhile, Maddie scoured the Internet for pics of little boys in pools.

Not as creepy as it sounds. 

It's still early on in our internship and we know there are plenty of long nights to come. We're excited for them. We embrace them. My only condition is that Joyce doesn't complain next time we want to play funk music. 

Thank you. 

- Julia 

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