By Julia & Kenny

There are many things you should come to your first day of internship with: a clean shirt, a photo ID, a tooth brushed-smile, and that “I’m-here-to-learn!” attitude. You, also, should probably come on time.

But of course, I’m never on time.

If you knew me, Julia, any better, you’d know I have a reputation for being late (which perhaps I shouldn’t be advocating here). But you know, it’s never my fault. It’s only ever because my coffee needs to be finished or the shirt I’m wearing needs to be changed “real quick!” But, I promised myself this day was going to be different. I absolutely was not going to be late for the first day of my internship because, after all, first impressions matter. So, I picked out my outfit the night before. I planned to drink coffee on the way. I even took the route from my apartment in Somerville to 53 State Street on Sunday afternoon so I’d know exactly where to get off and which way to walk when the big day came.

At 8:42am on Monday morning, I left my apartment with enough time to be on time-- so said Google Maps. But what I didn’t know, being from Texas, being my first time living in Boston, being my first time using a subway, is that public transportation has its off-days. And on this particular, momentous day, it was very off. Construction and other issues caused me to be over an hour late to my first day. At least my first impression was memorable?

That lost hour for Julia was full of Program 35ers arriving, introducing ourselves with a fun fact, and making small talk about who knows who from BU, and while I, Kenny, played along, I mostly was just in shock I even made it for the first day.

Like Julia, I, too, was concerned about first impressions. I had picked out my first day outfit, planned on getting dinner at Myers + Chang, and then hitting the hay early. Then, life happened.

You see, the day before the internship I was in Barcelona. I had a flight out early on Sunday… but it got delayed. Through a series of frustrating events, missed connections, and a rather salty encounter with some airline customer service representatives, I ended up stranded in Dusseldorf, Germany. I was not going to let this stop me from getting to Hill Holiday though! Program 35 was too important to delay! I hopped onto an NYC bound flight, and once back on sweet American soil utilized a mélange of transportation vehicles to arrive in Boston at 1:30 AM. I laid out my outfit, set my alarm, and passed out.

Luckily, the first day was relaxed and wonderful. My fellow interns were delightful and Hill Holliday’s positive atmosphere washed away all the stress of the previous day. I felt like I was making a good first impression! Success!

I did, however, get a splash of peanut sauce on my new white shirt during lunch. Fellow interns, if you are reading this and thinking “Oh, I saw that,” please know I knew, and knew that you probably also knew. Dark-colored shirts on the first day, guys. They hide sauces flung from awkward pieces of crunchy lettuce at Wagamama’s.

All in all, we made it out in one piece and are looking forward to what this experience has to offer. Here’s to hoping that the second and third impressions hold up.

Over and out from the copywriting team. 

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