By Becky and Karina

Ah, yes. Time management. The age-old battle we constantly fight, in hopes of winning the affection Father Time never gave us. It’s easy to translate what we Program 35ers mean when we say things like “I actually got a lot done today.” or “Yeah, I’m not gonna stay too late.” What those statements actually mean is something along the lines of “I somehow spent the whole day mocking up social posts” and “Dear lord it’s 11pm?”

But, you know, it all comes down to that single creativity hack we all know and love.

The one that churns out ideas. That keeps us on our toes. That makes us wanna write shit like “churn out our toes” because we really need to write something and we’re running out of time.

Ah, yes. Procrastination. Our enemy, our ally.

In Defense of Procrastination: The Listicle

  1. You can’t not finish what you start if you don’t start in the first place! That way, you’re not disappointed in yourself when you don’t reach your deadline. After all, there’s a reason why “dead” is part of the word deadline. Because deadlines make you die. Internally, of course.
  2. Father Time totally seems like the type skip out on his family and never pay alimony.
  3. So, if you’re not listening to him, that’s okay!
  4. You never know where you could get inspiration from. Who knows! You might get it from the pure panic that enters your system when you realize that it’s 4:00PM and you got absolutely nothing done today.
  5. Your best work probably comes from when you’re stressed out, anyway. At least, that’s what you’ll say when you end up unemployed.
  6. Just because you aren’t getting anything done, doesn’t mean you can’t make it look like you are. Quick! It’s your supervisor! Switch tabs!
  7. The best attribute in a co-worker is someone who enables your procrastination. Someone who will remind you, “hey, you totally deserve a break” and “I’m sure you can make time to finish it later.”
  8. When you’re in a time-crunch, hope to the heavens that it’s Thursday and the kegs are open. That way, you can make excuses like “It’s networking, not socializing!”
  9. At the end of the day, time is a man-made illusion. Wanna know what else was man-made? The titanic. And we all know how that situation went down.
AuthorHill Holliday