By Karina Zack

As a recent college graduate, everyone I meet has something to contribute to my general knowledge of being a grown-up. Pay your rent! Remember your 401K! Stop, don’t eat that shiny thing! I constantly receive mounds of (unsolicited) advice from strangers. When they hear that I’ve started my first post-grad job, you can see the sub-par and jaded insights bubbling up from inside as they explode into tips and tricks of the adult world. Here are a few of the most flawed things I hear from my fellow college grads about my first real job:

“Your first job will be mostly bitch-work.”
I’ve been told that the first position I land out of school will be just like the ones I had in college: coffee runner, lunch gofer, and phone answerer. Being a Program 35er is so much more than that. It’s writing scripts for a llama to perform. It’s creating a campaign and pitching it for new business. It’s transforming Karen Kaplan into Lady Liberty. And sometimes, it’s helping out when someone busy needs a hand with a quick samosa run. 

“You’ll need to invest in a suit.”
I showed up on my first day in a brand new pair of over-priced pants and a stiff blouse I had never worn before, only to realize that I was the most overdressed person on the 35th floor. But I quickly learned that whether it’s a snapback and jeans or some cleverly disguised sweatpants, if you're comfortable, your ideas will flow. 

“You’ll check the clock every 5 minutes.”
There have been days that we’ve been working on a project, only to look up at the clock and see that it’s edging past 9pm. It could be that we’re so immersed in our work, or that our offices aren’t near any exterior-facing windows, but we often don’t have a concrete sense of time in the office. Unless we have a meeting. Or a pitch. Shit, was that today? What time is it?

“The coffee won’t be good.” 
…could LITERALLY not be MORE WRONG. 

“You’ll hate your first job.”
I couldn’t if I tried. 

AuthorHill Holliday