By: Eirinn Spekter

Everyday on 35, we are presented with new creative challenges. Embracing these tasks successfully calls for fresh perspectives, human insights, and miraculous accidents. This magic only happens when we actively seek inspiration all day, every day.  Here’s a list of ways to stay inspired:

Do your research.

Open up Adweek every morning and let the creative genius of advertising people around the world wash over you. There’s nothing like the feeling you get when you watch a crazy-good ad: first admiration, then jealousy. Embrace that feeling. It’s a good thing.


Shake it up.

Make yourself uncomfortable. Put yourself out there! Change your routine. Get to know a stranger. Try weird foods. Watch a documentary that makes you feel guilty. Go for a walk and leave your phone at home. Call an old friend. Buy a pair of pants without trying them on first. The only way we grow is through the uncomfortable experiences that shape us. Little risks help us see the world in new ways and take on creative challenges with newfound strength.



Watch funny stuff, hang out with funny people, and make yourself laugh. Humor is a symptom of observational thinking and big-picture understanding. It’s relaxing and comforting. It is the secret to creativity.



Sleep is awesome! We all love it. Unfiltered inspiration can come to you through your dreaming subconscious. Dream when you’re awake, too. Fantasize about your aspirations and plans. Life’s all about having something to work for and look forward to. A blend of absurd dreams and realistic aspirations can really spur the horse of creativity.



At the end of each day, I write a line or two in a journal. There’s something about mentally reliving the day that helps package your thoughts and emotions. Sitting down with a cup of tea and a blank page every once and a while is good for the creative mind. Writing down your thoughts makes room for new juicy creative cultivation in your brain.


These are just a few ways to spark creativity. Find what works for you and remember to take a little time, everyday, to get inspired.

AuthorHill Holliday