(written last Thursday... oops)

This week we got a visit from Yankee Doodle. He ran in on his pony and promised to grant us three wishes. Our first wish was to have a day off on Friday. Our second wish was to have a screening with free lunch. Our third wish was to give us the BIG IDEAS we need to create the best ever house ads Hill Holliday has ever seen. He’s still working on our third wish, but I’ve got to be honest, he isn’t much help. 

House Ad Illustration by Nico

House Ad Illustration by Nico

The other interns arrived about two weeks ago and they seem to like us. I like to think my dance moves in their intern video probably had something to do with it. After a week and a half of a hefty workload for all four of us 35ers, we are currently at a dull roar. The shortened week is winding down and Katie will finally be able to chase after the ice cream truck she has been stalking for 3 days now in about 15 minutes.

<3 Nico

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