Stock image searching.  The red headed stepchild of the advertising creative process.  Anyone who has ever worked in the industry has undoubtedly spent hours browsing the web in search for visuals such as, “dog playing instrument,” or “scary clown + little kid + no emotions.”  While we often drag our feet at even the mere mention of the words “image” and “searching” (especially when used in succession), there is something to be said about the hidden gems that shine through the mass wasteland of stock photography.  This blog post is hereby dedicated to the resurrection of a handful of these blessed masterpieces.  May you forever be humbled by their beauty. 

*In need of a new desktop background?  The creative #’s have been listed under each piece of art, and can be retrieved on the gettyimages database*

1. The casually flexible businessman (there were so many to choose from we couldn't pick just one).





2. Medical procedures that definitely aren't kosher.


3. This non-PC one titled, "Mother and baby boy moving boxes."


4. This is your brain on drugs.


5. Is this the same dude?


6. Pinterest braids ... nailed it.


7. Shouldn't your baby be a Gerber baby?


8. Unconventional joyrides.


9. Got milk?


10. Dogs that are awesome.


11. Where's the beef?


12. This one entitled: "Dolls Embrace 2."  You don't want to know what "Dolls Embrace 1" looked like ...


13.  And last, but certainly not least:


AuthorHill Holliday