The Creative Process is a little different for everyone, but I imagine everyone can relate on some level to this timeline:

1.     Get the brief.

2.     Get the creative juices flowing.

3.     Come up with a brilliant idea.

4.     Your partner sets you straight.

5.     You've got nothing.

6.   You both converge on an awesome idea, which you love.

7.     You get to work on it

8.     You take it to a CD

9.     He kills it.

10.     Tell your idea goodbye.

11.     You brainstorm again. Nothing.

12.    Come up with another brilliant idea.

13.   This is even better than the last one.

14. The CD approves it!

15. Fly idea, fly.

The creative process is messy. It’s never the same for two projects. And it’s never a straight shot to fruition. But creating something is always amazing, and with each go-around, you get better. And it’s a pretty fun lesson to learn.

AuthorHill Holliday