There is a building where the elevators have no buttons and the walls are made of glass. In this building there is a floor with a view that – for those of you who dare to look – will make your stomach drop to your knees.  Welcome to Hill Holliday's creative department, a place reverberating with the mantra "ok isn't."

Day one. Michele and Sam welcome us with a box full of donuts (Dunkin’, to be exact – shameless plug, yes, but what else did you expect?), and give us a tour of the agency. We walk past walls covered with Post-it notes, drawings, and scripts, and offices showcasing Hatch Show bowls, action figures, and, in one case, a taxidermied deer.

Over the next 12 weeks, the four of us have the opportunity to join the ranks of some of the most talented creatives in Boston, making extraordinary work alongside a team of creative gurus we have the pleasure of calling mentors.

Program 35 – better yet – floor 35: get ready. We’re here.

AuthorHill Holliday