Hayley Barry, Art Director

Mentors: Khari Streeter & Ramon De Los Santos
Email: hayley.barry@hhcc.com
Portfolio: hayleyrbarry.com
Twitter: @hayleyrbarry

Where I came from:
When I moved from small town Ashburnham, Massachusetts to study at the Savannah College of Art and Design, my knowledge of advertising was limited to TV commercials, magazine ads and highway billboards. I grew up knowing that I wanted to do something visually creative with my life but had no idea what that would entail. Art Direction found me more or less and ever since I’ve been striving for big ideas and executions. I’m excited to get my hands dirty while drinking plenty of coffee along the way. 

Why I do what I do:
Plain and simple, I do what I do because I’m going to work as hard as possible to live out my full creative potential. I’m a maker. The beauty in Advertising is that it is one of the most effective creative careers in coming up with cool, collaborative, and meaningful ideas that have the ability to connect people through brands. I will continue to learn as much as possible from my superiors and collaborate with my colleagues. I do what I do because I aim to create ideas that provoke people.

What I’d be doing if I wasn’t doing what I do:
If I wasn’t in this business it’s safe to say I’d be pulling a Thoreau, spending time creating art in the woods somewhere in rural New England.

A book title that describes my life:
Make Something Up

My Tinder bio:
"I’m just a kid trying to make it as an adult.

My favorite tweet: