Evan Gott, Copywriter

Mentors: Bob Gates & Scott Noble
Twitter: @evandgott


How I got here:

Just like Shakespeare, MLK, and anyone else you may admire, I started my journey by being born. Shortly thereafter, I started writing – stories, comedy sketches, headlines, forged doctor’s notes to give to my 2nd grade teacher, and what the world needs most, positive Yelp reviews. I wrote checks to Boston University until they gave me a degree, and now I’m here, sitting at my desk at Hill Holliday, writing this.

How I describe myself:

A real riot. Always cracking jokes and making people laugh. And above all else, beloved by all of my dear friends.

How my friends describe me:

“He’s alright. I wouldn’t say he’s beloved or anything.”

How I get inspired:

I read great writing, watch great comedy, or listen to great music until I’m seething with jealousy and can’t focus on anything other than making something better.

How I see my future:

Long term: Eventually giving up on my dream of being a famous comedian and settling into a pretty happy career in advertising. Telling jokes into a hairbrush in front of a mirror and whispering “What if…” after every punch line until my wife of 25 years asks why I spend so much time in that bathroom every night and if she should call a doctor. Looking like Louis CK without being Louis CK.

Short term: Getting the most out of Hill Holliday this summer.  That means meeting great people, making awesome work, and sneaking as much free food into Ziploc bags as possible, because I’ve still got a college student’s budget (and appetite). I also want to work more hours than I’ve ever worked, write more words than I’ve ever written, and convince my parents I’m not a deadbeat. 

How you knew I was an intern my first week:

I ended every sentence with “Sorry, I’m an intern.” (Sorry, I’m an intern.)