Eirinn Spekter, Art Director

Mentors: Bob Gates & Scott Noble
Twitter: @espekter


How I got here:

When I got to Boston University, I was sure I wanted to be an architect. I loved the idea of taking a client’s problem and creating a beautiful, practical solution for it. For one reason or another (calculus), I decided instead to venture down the road of art direction and it’s been love ever since. I am beyond excited to be here and can't wait to get started. 

How I describe myself:

Irish girl full of opinions and hopes and dreams. Always hungry. 

How my friends describe me:

Most likely to get over-inspired and caught up in a juice cleanse, DIY project, and/or cult-like organization. 

How I get inspired:

Sitting on a comfortable couch with a strong cup of coffee and a collaborative partner gets me in the zone of creativity.

How I see my future:

I see myself working hard to deliver my best work on as many projects as possible over the next few months. I’m hoping to make lasting relationships and learn all I can from those around me. 

How you knew I was an intern my first week:

I had a dream on Sunday night about updating my LinkedIn profile to include Program 35.